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ERTLab 64

ERTLab™ is the 3D resistivity and chargeability inversion software that has radically changed the approach to electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) surveys, allowing full flexibility in the three-dimensional arrangement of the electrodes and creating the market of resistivity surveys around buildings.
Available for both 32 and 64 bits platforms (with multi-threading capabilities), ERTLab™ is able to invert ERT measurements for any array geometry - surface, cross-hole or surface-to-hole.
ERTLab™ makes use of Finite Elements algorithm for the accurate modeling of the terrain topography.

Buy ERTLab64™.
Improve the way you perform resistivity and broaden the application of ERT surveys to new markets.

Update your old ERTLab™ license to ERTLab64™.
Invert faster and manage huge sets of electrodes and measurements.

Test ERTLab™.
Request a DEMO version.

For the American market please refer to our partner and co-developer Multi-phase Technologies LLC.
For People's Republic of China market please refer to our distributor HengDa Century(Beijing) Geophysics Technology

ERTLab Gallery

Pseudomappa resistivitÓ apparenti
Pseudomappe con fattore geometrico
profili di resistivitÓ apparente
DQC crossplot
mesh 3D
modello stromboli
Modellazione pali
mappa di sensitivity
Inversion progress
modello 3D invertito
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Technical specifications

Supported OS

Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 - 32 and 64 bits Multi-threading.

Processing algorithms

Tetrahedral Finite Elements forward modeling. Smoothness constrained Least Squares inversion. Robust inversion with data reweighting algorithm.


ERTLab Solver

  • Multiple raw data formats import (MPT data, IRIS bin, ABEM txt and amp, AGI stg, PASI txt, MAE tsv, ARES, Siber,...).
  • Advanced pre-processing tools: statistical analysis, measurements reordering and filtering, pseudo-plots, reciprocals check, TX vs RX crossplots.
  • Flexible mesh generation tools: easy topography import, variable cells size, multiple boundary conditions, update electrode elevations from DTM, stratigraphic layers insertion.
  • User defined or file imported starting model.
  • Smoothness constrained Least Squares inversion.
  • Data reweighting robust inversion.
  • Flexible setting of the number of threads to use for processing.
  • Survey design tools for the design of the electrode geometry, resistivity/chargeability forward modeling, synthetic data inversion and sensitivity analysis.
  • Export of inverted models into open formats for displaying results into 2D and 3D graphical tools (Surfer, Voxler, MVS-EVS,...).

ERTLab Viewer

  • Display sections in any direction of the space.
  • Three different modes to represent sections: contours (automatic or user-defined), cell scalars and node scalars.
  • Plumes extraction (volumes).
  • Isosurface extraction.
  • Multiple colormaps (rainbow, ultrajet or red-blue, linear or logarithmic, regular or inverted).
  • Transparency, clipping on/off option, ortographic/perspective view.
  • Change axes properties, labels editing.
  • Export in bitmap format. Load/save script files with session settings.
  • Plot data from two files after performing mathematical operations between them for comparing models in time-lapse surveys.


ERTLab Sequencer

  • User-friendly interface to insert electrodes and cables.
  • Practical 3D view managing of the inserted objects.
  • Mouse controlled selection of the electrodes to be skipped or to be used in roll-along mode.
  • Sequence generator for 2D and 3D surface, borehole or surface-to-hole surveys.
  • Special environment for cross-cable and multi-borehole sequence generation.
  • Option to create mixed arrays by appending multiple sequences.
  • Geometric factor constraining.
  • Pseudomaps for displaying measurements coverage.
  • Multi-chnnel receivers optimization. Reciprocal quadrupoles generation.
  • Multiple export formats (Electre II, ERTLab Solver, MPT Das, MAE, ARES, text, ...).


Special and custom releases

ERTLab64 multisource is the special ERTLab release that allows multisource datasets processing (n trasmitters for one Vmn receiver).

ERTLab is customizable: we implement customized versions of the interface or of the numerical routines for customers with special processing needs related to specific markets (mining, engineering, ...).

Download area

To access the download area you need to be logged in. If you have not an account contact us for the latest version of ERTLab 64bit, 32bit or to test the DEMO version.

Documentation and training

We offer training courses to approach the software: our training modules last one or more days and are hold at our office training room (in Livorno) or, on request, at the customer site.

The training modules are characterized by a practical approach in order to allow users to become familiar with the software's main functionalities.

Technical support

For technical support and bug report, please email to and attach the data file with the configuration used for the inversion and any useful files (raw data, sequences, topography file, ...).


Geostudi Astier S.r.l. via A. Nicolodi, 48 - 57121 Livorno - Italy | Tel: +39.0586 864734

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